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A quiet revolution has been taking place in the world of Luceting and a new breed of Luceteer is on the scene. Not content with making simple cords they have expanded the horizons of Luceting to include multi-strand two and three-dimensional shapes. So how did this come about? It didn't happen overnight; in fact it started over ten years ago in 1992 with a new design for the Lucet.

The new design makes the Lucet much faster, allowing speeds in excess of two yards of cord an Hour!

lucet - new design

Bladed forks mean that the thread clears faster, long shoulders a tight waist and a 'turning button' all ensure that the new Lucet spins in the hand. The action of turning in the 'fastgrab' mode automatically winds the finished cord onto the waist.

After that came the Lucet Bobbin, it was designed to carry a skein of thread and to 'lock' the Lucet. It came into its own as a 'shuttle' allowing thread separation and multi-strand manipulation. And so 'Advanced Luceting' came into being, it is all about separating threads on the bobbins and luceting segments independently.

So now we have a new vocabulary in Luceting...

Lucet - adavanced

Lucet - Rose

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